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Top 30 Companies


  • Tinatin Sopromadze

    | Russian |

    About Tinatin Sopromadze:

    • Phone: +995 568 559 956
    • Email:
    • Language : Russian
    • Short Description: I am a professional tourist guide. I have wine and gastronomic tourism guide certificates. I am a member of the Association of Guides of Georgia. I conduct tours in all regions of Georgia – introducing local culture, architecture, wine, gastronomy, history. I conduct both group and individual tours. During the planning of tours, I take into account the interests of the guests, their tastes, I am happy to give the necessary advice regarding all the issues of interest to them, which include the tourists’ trip to Georgia.

    Tinatin Sopromadze offers touristcard users 15% discount
    Note : Contact the guide for more information


  • Nino Kurtsadze

    | English |

    About Nino Kurtsadze:

    • Phone : +995 571 510 984
    • Email :
    • Language : English
    • Locations : Mtskheta, Kakheti, Uplistsikhe, Tbilisi, Ananuri, Gudauri, Kazbegi



  • Ana khabazi

    | Turkish |

    Türkçe için:

    Ana khabazi hakkında:

    • Telefon : +995 593 952 193
    • Dil : Türkçe
    • yer : Tiflis, Kakheti, Gori, Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi, Batum.
    • Kısa Açıklama : Gürcistan Rehberler Birliği ve Gürcistan Kültür Bakanlığı tarafından rehber yetiştirme kurslarına göre sertifikalandırılmış bir rehberim ve aynı zamanda Türkoloji alanında Doğu bilimleri öğrencisiyim. 2017 yılından itibaren turizm sektöründe rehber olarak hizmet veriyorum. İşimi seviyorum ve ülkemizin tarihi ve kültürüyle ilgilenen turistlere ülkemi tanıtmak bana büyük zevk veriyor. Benim gözümden Gürcistan’ı tanıyınca onu hiçbir zaman unutmayacağınıza ve anılarınızda ayrı bir yer tutacağına inanıyorum.


    Ana khabazi, turist kartı kullanıcılarına %10-15 indirim sunuyor:

    • şehir turu (3 saat) 200 Lari.
    • şehir dışı turlar 100-120 $ (konaklamasına göre).


    For English

    About Ana khabazi:

    • Phone : +995 593 952 193
    • Language : Turkish
    • Location : Tbilisi, Kakheti, Gori, Borjomi, Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi, Batumi.
    • Short Description : I am a guide certified by the Georgian Guides Association and the Georgian Ministry of Culture according to guide training courses, and I am also a student of Oriental Studies in the field of Turcology. I have been serving as a guide in the tourism sector since 2017. I love my job and it gives me great pleasure to introduce my country to tourists who are interested in our country’s history and culture. I believe that once you get to know Georgia through my eyes, you will never forget it and it will hold a special place in your memories.


    Ana khabazi offers 10-15% discount for touristcard users:

    • city tour (3 hours) 200 Gel
    • extra-city tours $100-120 (depending on accommodation).
  • Nino Chabukiani

    | German |

    About Nino Chabukiani

    • Phone : +995 593 495 115
    • Email :
    • Languages : German, Russian
    • Short Description : A German-speaking professional guide offers a walking tour in Tbilisi. The duration of the tour is about 4-5 hours. The excursion starts from Metekhi church and ends at Freedom Square. The tour includes: Europe Square, Abanotubani, Maidan, Chardeni Street, Karvasla, Zion and Anchiskhati Cathedrals, Gabriadze Theater, Rustaveli Avenue and a ride on the Tbilisi Metro. In case of interest, we also offer an architectural tour in Sololaki, called the Paris of the Caucasus, which was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. We will introduce you to the history and architecture of unique houses and driveways..

    Note : Contact the guide for more information


    Nino Chabukiani offers:

    • The cost of the Tbilisi tour is 180Gel for touristcard users instead of 200Gel (-10% Discount).
    • We also offer one-day excursions to Kakheti, Kazbeg, Mtskheta, Gori and Uplistsikhe
  • Diana Mebonia

    | English, Turkish, Russian |

    About Diana Mebonia:

    • Phone: +995 555 410116
    • Email:
    • Languages : English, Turkish, Russian
    • Spheres: Adventure Tours, Cultural & Historical Tours, Gastronomic Tours, Wine Tours
    • Special Services: Airport Pickup/Drop off, City Tours, Group Tours, Individual Tours, Private Car, Regional Tours, Walking Tours
    • Short Description: Dear guests, welcome to our sunny and hospitable country! You will be welcomed by a certified professional guide, Diana, who will tailor a tour based on your interests and introduce you to our country with centuries-old history and rich traditions. Diana offers individual, group and VIP tours to the most interesting and beautiful corners of Georgia. A guide in love with her country will create a positive and unforgettable environment for you throughout the tour.

    Note : Contact the guide for more information

    Diana Mebonia offers:

    • 170Gel instead of 200Gel on walking tours
  • Qeti Agasashvili

    | Russian |

    About Qeti Agasashvili:

    • Phone: +995 596110 995
    • Email:
    • Language : Russian
    • Spheres: Agricultural tours, architectural tours, cultural and historical tours, gastronomic tours
    • Special Services: Airport Pickup/Drop off, City Tours, Group Tours, Individual Tours, Regional Tours, VIP Tours, Walking Tours
    • Краткое описание : Приветствую вас ! Я  Кети  сертифицированный гид. Знающий о  Грузии   не по наслышке! Небо, реки и горы волшебной страны Картвелов ждут вас! История и традиции предков,  вино и гастрономия, музыка и  душа. Я расскажу! Я покажу! Я влюблю вас в Грузию!
      Самый  позитивный и музыкальный гид  – ждет вас!


    Note : Contact the guide for more information


    Qeti Agasashvili offers touristcard users:

    • 15% discount on city tours
    • 10% discount outside the city

Restaurants and cafes

  • Vartsikhe Marani Batumi

    🌐SGBA – Vartsikhe Marani Batumi – Vartsikhe Marani Batumi
    It is a partner company of the successful Georgian Business Association

    🫶Vartsikhi Winery is always ready to host you and create the best mood for you

    🛎Marani offers you delicious dishes, desserts, drinks, live music and most importantly, a cozy and comfortable environment with a view of the sea – in such an unforgettable environment you can celebrate an important anniversary

    contact information:
    📞 +995 596 40 88 33
    📍 Lekh and Maria Kachinskevi Street 5, Batumi
    👥 Facebook
    📷 Instagram

  • Lappetit

    🌐SGBA – LAppetit
    It is a partner company of the successful Georgian Business Association

    🎂🍰Lapetit – one of the best pastry shops in Batumi

    A wide selection of different, quality and delicious desserts – a dessert bought here will make your important date even more unforgettable

    Contact information:
    Batumi, Lermontov St. 65
    Batumi, Lermontov str. 65
    🍰🥮SGBA – LAppetit is a partner company of the successful Georgian business association 🎂🍰 Lapetit – one of the best pastry shops in Batumi. A wide selection of different, high-quality and delicious desserts – the dessert bought here will make your important date even more unforgettable. Contact information: Batumi, Lermontov St. 65 Batumi, Lermontov str. 65

    contact information:
    📞 +995 595 48 05 05
    📍 67 Lermonthov Street

  • Qartuli

    🌐SGBA – Georgian • Qartuli
    It is a partner company of the successful Georgian Business Association

    🛎Traditional Georgian and European flavors in “Georgia” restaurant

    🫶There is a variety of delicious traditional dishes to choose from – call “Georgian” and spend the day in the best mood

    🍷☕🍰 have delicious desserts and drinks

    Contact us to reserve a table
    📞+995 555 96 05 96
    📍Batumi, Zurab Gorgiladze 88

    contact information:
    📞 +995 555 96 05 96
    📍 88 Zurab Gorgiladze Street 6010

  • Coffeetopia

    🌐SGBA – Coffeetopia Batumi
    It is a partner company of the successful Georgian Business Association

    ☕ Many people can’t imagine a morning without coffee, and not only in the morning, many drink their favorite drink several times throughout the day.

    👉Considering all this, it is very important that the coffee is good and tasty – Coffeetopia Batumi is the best choice for coffee lovers.

    👀 Here they prepare 100% natural coffee with a distinctive taste and aroma.

    contact information:
    📞 +995 591 94 12 91
    📍 6 Konstantine Gamsakhurdia Street, Batumi

  • Restaurant Marseille

    🌐SGBA – Restaurant Marseille Restaurant Marseille
    It is a partner company of the successful Georgian Business Association

    🔷The legendary restaurant of Batumi offers delicious Georgian and European dishes – dishes are prepared here from natural products

    🍛🍝 Everything is delicious in “Marseille” – Georgian and European dishes, high service, top quality products, fresh fish and oysters, a wide selection of wine and other drinks, pleasant interior and air conditioning, banquet halls, live music and its own parking lot.

    🏫The legendary restaurant in Batumi has been open since 1902 – the building where Marselia restaurant is located today is 115 years old.

    contact information:
    📞 +995 577 45 94 79
    📍 32 Gogebashvili Street, Batumi

  • Restaurant Pshauri

    SGBA – Restaurant Pshauri • Restaurant Pshauri
    It is a partner company of the successful Georgian Business Association

    🛎 “Pshauri” is one of the favorite restaurants where you can discover special tastes and aromas.

    🥳Restaurant “Pshauri” is the best place to celebrate your desired holiday, which will not disappoint you.

    🌟Create a mood corresponding to your emotion! Beautiful environment – open balcony, yard, delicious food, live music every day from 19:00

    🥗🍷 You will find an exquisite environment and appetizing dishes that go perfectly with the drink and create perfection.

    contact information:
    📞 +995 571 11 44 22
    📍 A. Pushkini № 93, Batumi 6010

Souvenirs and Georgian production

Georgian National Tourism Administration

Beauty and Health

  • Kirke

    Georgian company producing handmade soaps and cosmetics

    contact information:



  • Talizi

    contact information:
    📞+995 032 214 15 15
    📍 St. Tbilisi, 27 Tashkent St
    The first hair transplant clinic in Georgia
    Hair transplant clinic “Talizi” was established in Tbilisi in 1998. “Talizi” is the first specialized hair transplant clinic and international training center in Transcaucasia region.

  • Fit line & Style

    Information about the company:
    📞+995 593 95 59 19
    📍Tbilisi, Sulkhan Tsintsadze #39

    ✅ A team of professionals takes care of your beauty – the knowledge and experience of stylists answers all challenges
    👉Entrust yourself to experienced stylists – services are provided with the highest quality materials

  • Diamond

    contact information:
    📞 +995 551 518 051
    📍 Tbilisi, Davit Gamrekeli 13

    Get full salon services, Diamond • Diamond choose the best

  • Nefertiti

    contact information:
    📞+995 514 73 37 37
    📍 St. 27 Pekini St., Tbilisi

    Aesthetic medicine clinic “Nefertiti” has been on the Georgian professional market for 22 years. The main values of the company are quality and professionalism, which the center has maintained over the years.
    “Nefertiti” – participates in international exhibitions and is actually the initiator of a new word in the Georgian market. Every decision of the clinic is focused on one goal: to take care of the customer’s beauty as much as possible and meet their requirements.
    Clinic “Nefertiti” wishes you health and success!

  • Leila Meskhi Tennis Academy

    contact information:
    555 43 23 25
    St. Tbilisi, Marjanishvili st. 29 c

    The sports academy named after L. Meskhi with a distinctive interior was opened in October 2017.

    The complex is designed on the principle of “everything in one space”, you can get all sports services, including tennis courts, as well as salon services, equipped with the latest equipment.